Thursday, July 17, 2014

Crowdfunding and Cat Face Detection

High-tech Bowl with cat face detection

‘Crowdfunding’ shall fund an intelligent Bowl, which has a cat face recognition software

Health and Fitness Tracking for owners of smartphones and smart watches was yesterday. Final a diet tracker for cats come on the market - including cat face detection. The name of the device shall be "Bistro" and is currently funded via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and combines a cat bowl with the latest technology.

Cat face detection
With Bistro cat owners can also control the food gift for their pets when they are not home. Bistro also has a camera, so the cats can be distinguished in the household on facial recognition software. The the built-in scale can track the weight and health of the animals and how much they have eaten and drunk. The risk of over-or underweight is as a thing of the past.

Cat Face Recognition

Smartphone connectivity
The measured data are then sent to the smartphone and can be tracked over time. The app offer different statistics and evaluations. Cat owners can even watch their pets on the phone on the road while eating.

Starting at 179 US-Dollar
For $ 179 plus $ 40 shipping Bistro can be ordered under the Indiegogo campaign in a limited number of pieces. Within a day, the funding campaign has already reached half of its goal of $ 100,000. The normal retail price of Bistro should be around $ 249, the start of mass production is scheduled for January 2015.