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Dieter Hovorka is a creative Marketing and Solution Consultant with over +20 years industry experience working for multi international organizations to develop whole enterprise IT strategy, business process optimization, engineering projects and customer communication solutions  with integration into digital and social media marketing initiatives.

Dieter Hovorka moderating the m-Gov conference, Dubai March 2014

Starting his carrier as a software developer in the gambling industry he quickly developed his business skills to succeed in fast growing markets by delivering business goal driven solutions which go beyond technology. Innovation and creativity allowed him to develop his knowledge across many markets, economies and technologies and in following employments into logistics, retail, manufacturing, services and multi lingual back office solutions.

As a senior Dieter was working over five years as the Global Information Technology Officer for Artesyn Technologies Inc., an U.S. based electronic manufacture across four continents implementing communication and information technology infrastructure projects, driving global initiatives for knowledge management and information centric solutions like ERP, CRM, IMMS and MRP. During his engagement he had to ability to develop creative solutions for complete new manufacturing standards and data exchange between manufacture, supplier and customer. He was driving also the implementation of ISO9000 and many government safety standards special in the Asian operations.

After he was holding multiply management positions, as CEO, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Quality & Product Manager, in a couple of start-up companies across Europe, which developed a complete web based business process management suite, a content transformation solution, a web based marketing solution, a multi-channel output management solution. During this period he was invited in as guest speaker in many forums across Europe and North America to share his experience and knowledge.

Dieter was establishing the Adobe Systems regional sales in Austria as Technical Pre-Sales Lead where he quickly contributed in many innovations for the product management for Adobe’s enterprise solutions, reforming the digital signature initiative and mobile initiative.

Three years later Dieter moved for Adobe to the Middle East as Technical Manager, building Enterprise Solution sales and partner network and helping deployment of electronic forms solutions, web experience management, customer experience management and content centric solutions for eGoverment and commercial sector companies across the GCC.

Recently Dieter started as a freelance consultant, developing the transformation of knowledge management across information channels including social networks and building for company’s digital and social marketing strategies across Middle East and Africa.

In his free time Dieter is passionate into scuba diving, beach sports, traveling and enjoying good food and cigars.

Dieter graduated from the Higher Technical Institute in Moedling Austria in communication technologies.

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