Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's cooking at Apple, will iPad get a split-screen mode ?

maybe with iOS 8 - Drag & Drop - similar to Microsoft Surface and Samsung Tablets

For the upcoming iOS 8 release, ​​software manufacturer Apple apparently wants to implement a key feature of the competition. According to a report from 9to5Mac, it is at least on the iPad in future the possibility to directly represent two apps side by side.


Such functions have been around for a long time in desktop operating systems. But in the mobile space this is mainly known from Samsung's smartphones and tablets as well as the Microsoft Surface. The split-screen view has the advantage to simultaneously read an article and have a second window for taking notes. Apple so obviously hopes to meet the business area in which such functions are very popular.

Apple iPad split-screen
The implementation is intended to allow drag and drop between two apps. In addition, Apple is working according to the report on inter-process interface that will allow users to interact with two programs each other.

Whether it turns out the report as applicable, will probably turn out in a few weeks: On 2 June, the World Wide Developers Conference from Apple is launched ans the presentation of iOS 8 is expected.


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