Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Birthday 20.Years Mircosoft Homepage

The website of the IT giants celebrates twenty year anniversary

Microsoft's website celebrates twenty year anniversary, since 1994 is the homepage of the Redmond company online. To celebrate, Microsoft offers a virtual journey through time and resurrecting the very first version of the page again. 
Microsoft first WebSite 1994
Even before Internet Explorer

The company's own browser, Internet Explorer, did not exist in this year, only in August 1995, Microsoft released the software as an exclusive application. Furthermore, it is displayed at the original website, that there is also a text version. An indication that some browsers that time could not display images.

A special treat

In 1994, the Web was a few thousand websites still quite manageable, for companies it was a real prestige project to have an own website. With the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive more-time travel is possible, but here you can only time travel back to the year 1996.

Wayback Machine

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