Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fish Fact: Who has the biggest?

The only 'reel deal sportfishing team'

 My friends from the “reel deal sportfishing team”, Elie & Joe are hunting every week the biggest, largest fish of the UAE in the Arab sea right in front of Dubai. The surrounding areas down in Fujairah show also nice fishing yards. Kingfish, Mahi Mahi, Queen Fish, Tuna, Barracuda or some of our black tails shark get on the hook and you can image all sizes. 

Catch of the day, Kingfish for the BBQ

What I know of the past are those stories of the fishers who talk on their regulars' table about the size of the catch of the day and telling myths. Fish Fact should at least stop the hyperbole. The app for iOS measures the length of fish on the basis of a photo.

Fish Fact Screenshots

Even when fishing matters from time to time on the size and some fisher tend to swagger in their narratives like a fairy tale it stays as a fish story. Well modern world does not stop even here; the iOS app Fish Fact does thus put an end. Under the motto "show a picture or it never happened" exposes the application the truth. 

The idea for Fish Fact is from the makers of - a fishing video magazine. The app makes ruler and measuring tape unnecessary and should be able to provide further information about the fish length. 

For the measurement, the angler must be photographed with his catch. Then, the user specifies the display measurement points. Fish Fact calculates the length of the fish. 

Of course you can send images directly to friends and colleagues bragging anglers. The measurement results can also distribute via Facebook, Twitter or email. Angler where size does not matter, Fish Fact can simply use as simple photo app. 

Fish Fact is now available in Apple's App Store for a price of $ 1.99. The application requires at least iOS 7 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. 

This should be the next fishing trip nothing in the way. In this sense, good catch.


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