Monday, December 8, 2014

Mix Tape Rewind 80s and 90s

Living in Dubai we connect this title actual to a nice retro event where we experience the vibes of Dr.Alban, Boney M., INSYNC and many more. If we go down our timeline in technology we have other thoughts which come to our mind. 

Cassette, Tamagotchi and Co .: What's are you missing from the nineties

Many technologies of earlier days are long obsolete, but their successors lacks in charm

A few days ago Microsoft announced the end of an era: Those clipart collection with the Office documents visually jazzed up over many years - or, depending on your perspective: To bad - they are a thing of the past. Time for the Guardian to cast a wistful look on those technologies nineties-years, which would give it quiet little longer time.


Even if Nintendo Gameboy has come strictly as early as 1989 on the market, but it was especially the early nineties which have been marked by it. With its simplicity and classics like Tetris or Zelda luggage, it defined the handheld gaming for an entire generation. 

Nintendo  Gameboy all-time favorite Tetris


The nineties it was the end of a long familiar technology: the cassette. Well let's be honest - it may not have been the most stable and aurally best way to assemble your own favorite songs, but even purely from it's appearance, but it made it much more than the then following CD or even the cold virtuality of an MP3 file. But we all will miss the time when we spend hours for putting our favorite songs together for our Love Once.

We will miss it, classic are the best


Today, they are at best a niche product, but for a short period in the nineties they conquered the mainstream. Everyone wanted to have a Tamagotchi. Those digital companion that must be supplied with food and other attentions, not the giving up his virtual life.

Feed me, play with me


In some schools, they are still present, in other long replaced by modern technologies: The overhead projector was for a long time the only way to raise important information for an entire room visible on the wall. One in the handwriting of the teacher still played an important role, and every little contamination of the equipment brought mercilessly revealed. And do not forget: So an overhead projector could quickly warm up any cold Education Room.


With the current boom of the Messenger service it is often forgotten: Actually, this is just a repetition of the nineties, threw as many companies their instant messenger on the market. Most notably AOL, ICQ and not to forget the one from Microsoft, whose MSN Messenger retired 2013 - even though he lived long he could not keep up with modern alternatives technically.

The question remains: What is the technology of the nineties, you miss?

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